How available is our fleet?

One of the frequently asked questions from prospective members is: how difficult is it to schedule an aircraft?

Using data from, we’ve assembled some Fleet Usage and Availability Statistics on their own page. Most notably, over the last two years:

  • There are usually two aircraft available on any given day, and
  • Our aircraft are usually scheduled every two days.

Have a look, and we’ll keep improving the data there over time.

AOPA Regional Fly In, 14-15 Sept 2018 in Santa Fe, NM

Bob Ballou is putting together a group to attend AOPA’s Regional Fly In. If you’re interested in joining the crew, please reach out to him! Remember, contact information is available in AircraftClubs. See his recent announcement:

Greetings fellow club members,

AOPA is conducting a regional fly in on 14-15 September in Santa Fe NM. Aside from possible adverse weather this is a nice cross country flight that can be done without a refueling stop (350 nm plus or minus depending on route). So, at our annual meeting I asked if anyone was interested in going and it was suggested I put out this global message. With the thought in mind that perhaps, if there is enough interest, we could pool resources and share the ride. Considering room availability (or maybe camping?) the time to plan is now.

If there is any interest please let me know. I’m not big on planning but I will put together a list of those interested and share with those interested.

Keep the sunny side up,

Bob Ballou

N47601 Gets New Avionics, ADS-B, and a New Interior

Our Archer II, N47601, has come back from its annual with new avionics and a whole new interior! The new fabric is a Douglas Interiors breathable mesh, and should be comfortable and beautiful for many years.

The panel now has a Garmin 530W navigator, a new Garmin GTX-345 ADS-B like we installed in N493JL, and a PS Engineering Audio Panel. The old LORAN is removed. We’ll plan to refresh the panel color to better match the new interior in the next year or so.

N493JL is now ADS-B-equipped

Our 182S Skylane now has a Garmin GTX-345 ADS-B In/Out transponder in its panel. This meets ADS-B Out requirements, will work directly with Garmin Pilot apps for showing weather and traffic, and also will ensure that if you use a portable ADS-B solution in 3JL that you will always receive ADS-B Traffic (when possible).