What are the requirements for an aircraft checkout?

A separate checkout by a board approved instructor is required for each make and model of aircraft. Our high-performance aircraft have unique checkout requirements.

Skylane (C182) N493JL & N625LS

  • Private or more advanced pilot certificate.
  • Ground brief and flight check with board-approved CFI.
  • High-performance endorsement (available from your board-approved CFI).

Recurring Checkouts

Section 5.5 of the Operations Manual defines reciprocity from our high-performance and glass-cockpit aircraft to the other aircraft. In summary though:

After an initial checkout, for annual checkrides,
If I do a checkride in:
PA28-181 C182S C182T (G1000)
Then I can fly:
PA28-181 C182S C182T (G1000)
PA28-181 C182S