What are the requirements for an aircraft checkout?

Pilots must complete a checkride annually, cycling through each individual aircraft in which they wish to retain club
privileges. If a pilot has not performed a checkride in an aircraft within the number of years equal to the number of aircraft
in the club, the pilot is not checked-out in that aircraft.

If a pilot flies three of the club aircraft, then that pilot would choose a sequence to follow such that over a three-year
period, the pilot performs an annual checkride in each of those three aircraft. A pilot who only flies a single club aircraft
would perform an annual checkride in that one aircraft each year. The pilot should be able to explain and, if asked, provide
evidence for their checkride sequence during their annual club checkride.

If a pilot excludes an aircraft from their checkride sequence such that they do not perform an annual checkout that would
comply with the above rules, then the pilot is not checked-out in that aircraft, and must perform a checkride in that aircraft
with a club instructor before exercising their club privileges in that aircraft.