Fee Information

Initial Investment to Join: $6000.
This is the total upfront cost for joining, which buys one share in the Phoenix Flyers club. There is a one-time, partially-refundable, membership fee of $250 included in the $6000 investment.

Monthly Dues: $150 per month
Our monthly dues covers our fixed costs of hangar rent, insurance, and 24 hour reservation service.

Initial Checkout: All members are required to have an initial checkout and an annual checkride with a board approved flight instructor.

If you leave the club: Your share may be sold back to the board of directors for $5750, or with board approval, it may be sold to another individual. The $5750 is your initial investment of $6000 less the $250 membership fee.

Learning To Fly?

If you’re a student pilot, or wish to become one, check our specific page on Learning to Fly for more details.

Short-Term Memberships

Since Phoenix Flyers members are legally co-owners of our aircraft, there are a number of logistics needed to join the club’s corporation and the club’s insurance. Because of this, we don’t accept members who intend to stay less than a year. (We also currently are running a waitlist.)

Gather More Information

See the  library of Club Resources for the details on how we operate the club. Particularly, you will want to look into our Operations Manual.

The Wait-list

As of August 2017, Phoenix Flyers has reached its pilot capacity and started a wait-list. To join the wait list you must submit a member application and the $250 application fee to the treasurer either via mail to our listed PO Box.  Note that we require you to attend one of these meetings to meet the officers and other members of the club before you can transition from the wait-list to being a member.

The application fee is refundable on request until you become a member. For more details on how the wait-list works, please see the operations manual section 14.3.

See the Waiting List page for details on its length.

Attending A Monthly Meeting

You need to attend one of our monthly meetings before we will finalize your application. This gives you an opportunity to meet the officers, become comfortable with how we manage the club and its aircraft, and meet other members. We meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month, at 7pm, via teleconference; see the Events page for details. Please contact for the meeting details, to ensure we will be expecting you, and so we can notify you if the meeting changes.

You’re welcome to submit your application before or after attending a meeting. (We do break ties on Waiting List positions based on application receipt dates, but please note such ties are not common.)

What Happens At The Monthly Meetings?

Our monthly meetings are business meetings: In the first half hour we cover the club’s finances, aircraft maintenance, and ongoing safety activities. The rest of the meeting — 30 to 45 minutes — is new and old business such as long term planning.

Guests are encouraged to ask questions, and if you don’t want to stay the whole meeting, please just let us know as we start.

Want To Talk To Someone Sooner?

If you would like to speak to one of our Board members, please send us a message using our Contact Us form and we’ll get right back to you to arrange a time.

Apply for Membership

In order to join the club, you will need to attend a monthly meeting, submit an application and provide payments of the refundable $250 application fee and, upon acceptance, a $5750 share purchase to Phoenix Flyers, Inc..


Currently we do not have an online application process and are only able to process a paper application.

Please click the button below to download our membership application form. Complete the form; sign and date it; then mail it to the PO Box address in the Contact Us information at the footer of this page.

We process applications a couple of times a month, and you’ll hear from our treasurer when it’s processed.