Updated Operations Manual

The Board has issued a new version of the Operations Manual, dated June 2018. It’s available to download here:

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The updates include codifying our reciprocity between glass-cockpit, non-glass, and non-high-performance aircraft. A tabular form of that reciprocity is on the FAQ for ‘What are the requirements for an aircraft checkout?

List of updates

Sections 3.5, 5.2, 5.9, and 10.7 Updated references to the removed appendices to point to the Aircraft Clubs document repository.
Section 5.5 Defined annual checkride reciprocity from glass-cockpit aircraft to non-glass aircraft.
Section 6.3 Removed outdated reference to a phone reservation system.
Section 8.8 Deleted references to annotating CHD and DVT fuel receipts, which is no longer needed.
Section 12.3.3 Deleted section for submitting CHD and DVT fuel receipts, which are now delivered electronically.
Section 12.3.6 Noted that membership shares are always repaid by the club, even with a waitlist, and removed that permitted refund of a member’s application fee while a waitlist was in effect.
Section 14.5 Updated website reference to include Aircraft Clubs.