2020 Annual Meeting, 15 February

Phoenix Flyers will be hosting its annual members’ meeting the morning of 15 February at Chandler Airport’s terminal. Breakfast should be there at 8:30am, with the meeting to begin at 9am.

The annual meeting is an opportunity to go into more detail about the club, and more strategic details, than the standard monthly business meetings.


We’ll be discussing strategic matters not regularly covered in monthly meetings, such as but not limited to:

  • Updates to club procedures,
  • Changing to digital dispatch of aircraft, retiring paper tickets,
  • The replacement aircraft.

We will also be discussing a potential equity stake increase for all members, to increase capital on-hand for the new aircraft purchase.

Per Section XV of the Club Bylaws, a majority of club members in attendance would need to approve such a change. Details on the proposal are to-come, though it will also likely be discussed at the January meeting.


We also have four officer positions up for election:

  • Secretary, currently handled by Mike Ricker.
  • Treasurer, currently handled by Jason Brookham.
  • Operations, currently handled by J.C. Jones.
  • Safety, currently handled by Neil Tracht.

The other positions, President, Vice President, and Maintenance, have another year left in their terms.


Please RSVP here: https://phxflyers2020.app.rsvpify.com/