Rusty Pilots

Many of us had some amount of rust when we joined Phoenix Flyers; our CFIs are happy to help you get back up-to-speed with a flight review, as well as appropriate high-performance and complex endorsements for our aircraft.

Since we’re currently running a Waiting List, if you’re itching to get in the sky soon, we’d recommend reaching out to one of the many FBOs that provide flight training here in the Valley.  You can do that along with putting in a membership application, keeping in mind that our application fee is refundable up until you actually become a member.

Once you’ve taken a look at our collected resources — like our FAQ, our Operations Manual, and page on Joining us — if you have more questions about the club please reach out: The form below will contact one of our officers.

(Please note we’re all volunteers; sometimes it may take a few days to get a response based on vacations and so forth. Thanks for your patience!)

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We won't use this for any sort of marketing. Since we're all volunteers, e-mail sometimes is a lot easier than phone-tag, and we'll generally try that first.