Hire a Pilot

Phoenix Flyers is a non-commercial club, and our aircraft cannot be used for hire. (That includes not using them for flight instruction for non-members. Note that  currently we’re running a membership waiting list.)

If you were to contact a member directly about using club aircraft for your flight, they could only exercise Private Pilot privileges, and thus must be with common purpose and cost-share pro-rata with you, per 14 CFR 61.113 (see Flight Sharing on Wikipedia).

For aircraft for-hire purposes, you’ll want to search for area aircraft charter companies.

Medical Flights

We have  club members that work with Angel Flight West. However, to utilize their services you’ll need to contact them directly.

Connecting With Local Pilots

If you don’t want to hire an aircraft but you have a cool trip in mind, it might be good to post about in one of the Arizona pilot forums on the Internet; it might not be hard to find the necessary common purpose to share a cool experience with a willing pilot.